Peer to Peer

Being a leader can be a lonely place, and both professionally and personally challenging. Our Peer-to-Peer sessions bring together like-minded leaders to share their challenges and concerns in a safe and confidential space. 

Sessions help provide a sense of solidarity and give participants a greater awareness of different ways to approach their problems. The sessions are based on action learning principles and are designed considering the needs of CEOs and Directors, knowing the pressure and isolating nature of these roles.

The role of peer-to-peer volunteer facilitator

Peer to Peer volunteer facilitators play an essential role in delivering these sessions. You will help to create a space for charity leaders to support each other, present live challenges, discover solutions, and enable each other to move their organisations forwards.


The selection of peer-to-peer volunteer facilitators is managed by the regional project managers.  They are looking for volunteers who have a genuine interest in delivering this service and also, skills at bringing people together, being able to listen, sensitivity and excellent communication skills .


Once volunteer peer-to-peer facilitators have been selected, they are given an induction and equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver the Cranfield Trust model.


Having been trained, the volunteer facilitator will be assigned a cohort of 6-8 leaders to support.


Once the sessions are finished, the volunteer facilitator collects feedback and evaluation. 

Please watch the video below for more information on Peer to Peer. 

The four steps of Cranfield Trust Peer to Peer

How does it work?

The virtual sessions bring leaders together with their peer group and the volunteer facilitator. As trained facilitator you help to create a safe platform that sensitively guides participants to exercise and expand their questioning and listening skills, in exchange for new perspectives and insights.

The structure of these sessions allows all group members to raise a live challenge they are facing. With the help of the Peer to Peer group volunteer facilitator, leaders can ask questions and provide support for the challenges their peers are facing, and in return receive fresh perspectives and solutions.   

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