In your experience, what are the benefits of working with Cranfield Trust?  

I could tell you all about the many benefits of working with Cranfield Trust.  Spending time with the amazing people that lead and run the charities we work with.  The opportunity to learn new things on every project that will benefit you personally and professionally.  The great feeling you get when you know you have made a difference.   Even the late night Eureka moment when you finally realise how to solve the problem they are facing (tip: always keep a pen and a notebook in your bedside table!). 

There is one benefit of working with the Trust that really stands out for me though.  We are all hard wired to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  I am no exception.  The Cranfield Trust has allowed me to step into the worlds of great charities and social enterprises with purposes so big and audacious that they verge on the impossible.  That, to me, is the main benefit of working for the Cranfield Trust.  I always feel like I am part of something bigger.  

What did you learn from working with Cranfield Trust?

Public trust in charities is at an all time low. Some unethical behaviour by a few individuals in the course of their charity duties has sadly adversely impacted the overall view of the sector.  What I have learned in my time working with the Cranfield Trust, and I hope to make clear to the public here, is that actually charities are having such a positive impact on the communities around us.  For example, through the charities I have been blessed to work with, I have seen testimonies from grieving parents and spouses who were helped immensely by a charity that gave them free psychiatry treatment at their time of need. I have witnessed children from low income families get the highest quality of child care from a charity and social enterprise.  I watched a celebrity hairdresser give free haircuts to homeless women.  I am now seeing a law centre give access to legal advice to people who without them would be facing terrible injustices.  I have learned that, contrary to some views, we actually need charities more than ever for the UK to thrive.  

Why would you recommend others to support/work with Cranfield Trust?

If you are considering becoming a volunteer consultant let me try to persuade you to apply by telling you about my experiences.  The best thing about volunteering with the Cranfield Trust is that I get to work with remarkable charities, led by highly skilled and passionate people.  My role is to help them define the barriers that are holding them back from achieving their purpose and then working with them to find the solutions.  There is no better feeling than seeing these charities reach a new level of performance evidenced by the amount of people in need that they go on to help. What else can I say?  Well, for a start I have learned so much in a short period of time.  We can read the latest management books all day long but until we apply it we cannot fully understand the principles.  You will also get to know a great team of people at the Trust and build relationships with charity leaders that last a lifetime.  We look forward to hearing from you.

What is special about Cranfield Trust and why does it matter?

Having worked in both the volunteer and commercial sectors, I am amazed that the Cranfield Trust can provide charities with leading management consultants for free!  Through the excellent and tireless work of our management team and the kindness of our donors this has been made possible.  If you are a charity leader considering applying for our help, I couldn't recommend my colleagues highly enough.  Just because the service is free doesn’t mean the quality is diminished.  First of all, all potential consultants have to go through an application process. They do not just recruit anybody – they look for industry experts and people with a proven track record.  Then they monitor the quality through project managers and post case feedback and reviews.  This is how they ensure every charity receives quality outcomes against their initial objectives.  

So why does the Cranfield Trust matter so much?  Well charity and social enterprise leadership can be a lonely and challenging experience.  You have a big societal problem to solve with limited resources and lots of public scrutiny. No pressure!   What I have seen is that charity leaders are doing an exceptional job in achieving these things.  Sometimes, however, an external viewpoint can help these leaders make the breakthrough they need to help the charity reach the next level or indeed, make the transition from merely surviving to making a huge impact in their chosen cause.  And as I pointed out at the start, this service is free.  Amazing.   

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