In your experience, what are the benefits of working with Cranfield Trust?

The most important thing to me was that I developed a completely new appreciation for the myriad of small charities that exist in the UK, and the amazing range of people who work in them. 

What did you learn from working with Cranfield Trust?

 I suspect the biggest thing I learned from the trust is just how much can be achieved with almost no resources. The people who work in charities achieve miracles. They find the most creative ways to help the communities they are serving. 

Why would you recommend others to support/work with Cranfield Trust?

 I'm sure there are lots of reasons to work with the trust, but  I suspect the best reason is that it gives you the opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives and circumstances of often quite vulnerable groups of people. 

What is special about Cranfield Trust and why does it matter?

 I think the beauty of the trust is that it has an incredibly practical focus. The trust's work has a direct impact on people's lives, and this is an admirable outcome.

Registered Charity No: 800072 | Scottish Charity No: SCO40299 | Company No: 2290789 | Telephone No: 01794 830338
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