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Important HRNet Update 

Date: 30 March 2020

Covid-19 support

HRNet is experiencing a high demand arising from Covid-19.  Members will appreciate this is a fast moving, developing situation.  It has multiple impacts on organisation survival, the employment relationship and managing a workforce. It also involves material risk where, for example, redundancies or contract changes are implemented, such as by furloughing employees.  

General employment guidance can be found at ACAS and many other external sources:


CIPD - Covid-19 Factsheet
Government guidance on their unprecedented Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for employees, can be found here:

Government - Job retention scheme

As at 27.3.20 it is unclear whether HMRC intends to rely on this guidance only, or whether there will be actual legislation. 

FAQs on the scheme can be found at the CIPD (and many other external sources): 


Many law firms, HR consultancies and other organisations are producing ever developing guidance, on the myriad of issues which arise and which many organisations are asking.  Subject to resources, the Trust can offer specific advice on specific employer circumstances.  As outlined below, where one off discrete advice is sought, please raise a question on HRNet. Where more time intensive ongoing support is required, please consider the Trust’s Management Consultancy service.

Telephone assistance may also be available on the ACAS helpline ACAS - contact

What is HRNet?

Many small to medium-sized charities do not have an HR professional within their team, but they may need to manage complex employment situations whilst complying with employment legislation. 

HRNet provides an HR lifeline to charities and social enterprises without the expense. It offers specific advice as well as a regular briefing on employment issues.

Why join HRNet?

Joining HRNet is free for any registered charity or other formally constituted non-profit with a charitable purpose. Once you have registered online, you will benefit from: 

  • A regular email newsletter with up-to-date information on employment legislation, cases and practice.
  • Advice and guidance on general or specific employment matters- by raising a question on HRNet. Please note we advise the organisation/the employer. We are unable to offer advice to people about their personal employment situation. 
  • Access to an archive of past newsletter articles.  Please bear in mind the up to date status of HRNet content is not actively monitored and employment law and HR practice change day to day.  Articles are dated.  Past content may not be applicable to your situation.
  • Access to model HR templates upon request. For manageability reasons, whilst we don’t have a rigid limit, our expectation would be up to 5 documents per request.

Please note: HRNet is only available in England and Wales.

How does raising a question on HRNet work?

Members are welcome to submit a question through the HRNet website on HR/employment law matters including a request for advice on a specific situation.  Please provide sufficient information and context to enable a helpful response. 

Questions are treated confidentially. They are only visible to Trust staff, not other members.  We forward them to external HRNet volunteers or in some instances, answer them directly.  Details are sent to volunteers anonymously, without naming you or your charity. Alternatively, where we consider it more appropriate, we seek your prior written consent to enable full details to be sent to our volunteers. We would always ask your prior written consent to publish the question and answer anonymously in a future newsletter, where this may benefit other members. 

HRNet covers discrete “one off” people situations and matters. Members should be aware of the Trust’s Management Consultancy service for more time involved ongoing support, for which there are eligibility criteria

HRNet support is provided without charge by a combination of external volunteers and Trust staff. Some have an HR background, some a legal background. Please note that none are acting in the capacity of a solicitor, even if the individual is a qualified solicitor. The Trust is not an authorised, regulated provider of legal services. Any response to a question raised on HRNet is not regulated, privileged legal advice and no lawyer-client relationship is created. Where formal legal advice is required, members should arrange this themselves, whether on a paid basis, through Law Works or other pro bono legal advice service.

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