In your experience, what are the benefits of working with Cranfield Trust? 

From a professional point of view working with Cranfield Trust has been very rewarding. Despite a long career in HR management it has been challenging to adapt my knowledge and skills to the needs of disparate organisations which throw up different problems and issues from those I might be dealing with on a daily basis.  There are also occasions when I need to refresh my understanding of some employment matters which don’t otherwise arise on a regular basis. There are great opportunities to add to one’s continuing Professional Development profile.

From a personal point of view volunteering for HRNet and project support which is largely on line is a very easy way to volunteer. It isn’t necessary to set aside regular time each week to contribute but this can be done anywhere and at a time to suit you when you receive a query or are asked to respond to a particular problem.

What did you learn from working with Cranfield Trust? 

 An incidental benefit which I had not considered in advance is that I have learnt about the work of a wide variety of small charities whose contribution is so important and would otherwise be unknown to me. I have also met some charming and interesting people.

Why would you recommend others to support/work with Cranfield Trust? 

For the reasons set out above, working with Cranfield Trust has been providing me with extended learning opportunities for a number of years as well as giving me the opportunity to meet new people and learn something about the wide range of work undertaken by the charity sector.

What is special about Cranfield Trust and why does it matter? 

From what I have seen and experienced of Cranfield Trust’s role they provide a necessary umbrella for a vast number of small charities who might otherwise be working in isolation and, being small organisations, without adequate expertise in professional areas which might otherwise be seen to be peripheral to their main purpose and objectives. Cranfield Trust is able to offer that support and utilise a wider network of experience than a small charity might be able to source locally.

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