In your experience, what are the benefits of working with Cranfield Trust?

There are several benefits coming from working with Cranfield Trust, principally that you discover that you can really make a difference to the charitable organisations that you work with and gain a lot of satisfaction from seeing them overcome problems they face but do not have the in-house expertise to address. Also you learn a lot from them as to ways of working with a great variety of people, facing multiple challenges.

What did you learn from working with Cranfield Trust? 

I learnt to really listen and to keep asking questions, and most of the time the people in question already had the answer to their problem, but just did not know it or express it. Our job was to dig and dig until it was found, then present it in a way that allowed the right actions to be taken. The other main point is that all good projects start with a good brief and Cranfield Trust project managers are excellent in eliciting from the client organisation a well presented and supported brief, which gives  solid base for the consultant and client to work together on.

Why would you recommend others to support/work with Cranfield Trust? 

I thoroughly recommend others to work with Cranfield Trust because you will make a real difference to organisations that already help others but can always do so better and more often. At the end of every assignment you will get positive feedback and heartfelt thanks from the client's staff and later you will learn of the impact of your work on the activities that make people's lives better.

What is special about Cranfield Trust and why does it matter?

All Cranfield alumni are special in having a wide range of skills and experience that can be of benefit to others and the Cranfield Trust is the bridge that links the skills to the needs. The case study method of teaching and the fact that students have to present arguments verbally to a competitive and active audience makes for good listeners, thinkers and presenters and the wide range of professions, nationalities, ages and styles means that there is always a match to be found between the project brief and the particular consultant provided to meet it. From developing the project brief, to observing progress through to delivery and final project/consultant assessment, it is all done professionally and with heart, so everyone involved benefits one way or another.

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