Free practical business tools, training and consultancy for charities.

In addition to the free services and training we offer to charities, we are developing a range of useful resources to help with the most common business issues charities are faced with. 

CategoryExamples of topics covered
Finance and SustainabilityFinancial performance and reporting.
Forecasting and scenario planning.
Financial process improvements. 
Understanding costs.
Developing financial information for business planning.
Leadership and Strategic DirectionCharity governance and building an effective trustee board.
Strategy development and business planning.
Leadership development / mentoring.
Marketing and communications.
People ManagementOrganisational structure.
Merger and collaborative working.
Recruitment and retention.
Performance and ImpactKey performance indicators. 
Developing performance tools and systems.
Impact reporting.

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Business Planning

21 November 2018

Change Management

One of our volunteers, John Dicks, has created a great source of information on change management. 

Financial Management and Sustainability

Robust financial management is at the heart of every successful organisation and charities are no exception. Making sound financial decisions allows charities to make the best use of its resources, deliver its strategic objectives and  ultimately realise its full potential.

People Management

Every organisation relies on the people that make up its workforce to deliver its strategic objectives. For small to medium sized charities that are unable to employ an HR professional, managing this workforce can present some challenging situations.

Performance and impact

Measuring the performance and impact of your charity's work has become an essential part of reporting over the past few years. Funders are increasingly keen to see tangible results and trustees want to make sure the charity is operating as effectively as possible. 


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