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Many small to medium-sized charities do not have an HR professional within their team, but they may need to manage complex employment situations while complying with employment legislation. 

HRNet provides a solution to charities and social enterprises without the expense. It offers specific advice as well as a fortnightly briefing on employment issues.

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Joining HRNet is free for any registered charity or other formally constituted non-profit with a charitable purpose. 

Membership includes:

  • A regular email newsletter with up-to-date information on employment legislation and practice
  • Shared experience of employment issues with other voluntary organisations
  • Answers to specific employment questions from HR professionals
  • An information archive of employment information, guidance, and good practice

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Please note: Due to differences in English and Scottish employment law, HRNet is not available in Scotland.

Our terms and conditions for using the HRNet service and a volunteer code of practice are available to view and download.

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