Our pro bono services are designed to help non-profits and voluntary organisations deliver services effectively to achieve social change.


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Pro bono management consultancy The primary purpose of your charity must be addressing the needs of poverty, disability or social exclusion. You must be a formally constituted non-profit, with a board of trustees i.e. registered charity or Community Interest Company (CIC).
HRNet (Free HR advice) Available to any registered charity or other formally constituted non-profit with a charitable purpose. 






Management Consultancy Projects

If your organisation’s primary purpose is to address issues of poverty, disability or social exclusion, you can apply for our pro bono management consultancy service.  

HRNet - HR Advice

As a not-for-profit body, you can subscribe FREE to our online service, HRNet. You will receive our weekly HRNet newsletter, crammed with employment law advice and updates, and be able to benefit from expert HR advice when you need it.

There are currently over 1,000 members of HRNet. To join them, contact us.


We work across the UK and each project is delivered by lol voluntcaeers

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If you are interested in registering with our free online HRNet service or would like to be considered for a management consultancy project, please contact us as we would be delighted to hear from you.