Make a Donation

By giving to the Trust, your money will be making a real and measurable difference today and will have a lasting impact in the longer term.

Your donation to The Cranfield Trust has a huge multiplier effect:

  • Picture of charity clientThanks to the added value our volunteer consultants provide, every £1 donated to the Trust provides consultancy support or expert advice worth at least £5 to frontline not-for-profit bodies. 
  • Helping managers of charities and other non profits to develop their management skills helps their organisations to become more sustainable and effective, benefiting millions of people across the UK.


Text CRAN10 to 70070 to donate £10


How your donations help:

£10 Could provide a voluntary organisation with immediate management advice from a Cranfield Trust staff member.

£50 Could provide a charity leader with immediate employment advice from a highly skilled HR practitioner that would cost at least £300 to obtain commercially.

£300 Could provide a place at a practical workshop for a charity’s management team and board members, led by an experienced business professional.

£600 Could provide a non-profit with a full diagnosis of their organisational needs, prepared by one of the Trust’s experienced Project Managers. 

£1,400 Could provide a charity with a year’s worth of pro bono management consultancy support and mentoring to build skills and sustainability.


Transformation Fund 

If you can support a larger programme, you can join our Transformation Fund to enable us to make a very significant impact. For example, we can then offer leadership programmes for groups of charities dealing with a major social problem or can work with social enterprises in a distinct geographical area to scale up their services. For further information, please contact  Amanda Tincknell or telephone 01794 830338.

Charitable Trusts and Foundations

We are increasingly working collaboratively with charitable foundations and statutory providers to support their grant holders or organisations. This is often to help build longer-term capacity and sustainability, and maximise grant or loan investments. Read more about capacity building.