FAQs - Charities

Which organisations do you help?
Our online HR advice is available for any registered charity or non-profit organisation.

Our management consultancy service is available to organisations whose primary purpose is to address issues of poverty, disability or social exclusion. Although we interpret this brief fairly widely, we do not support animal charities, schools, environmental charities, historic buildings or other organisations whose work is not focused on people issues.

Do you only help registered charities?
No, our services are also available to community interest companies and social enterprises and other forms of not-for-profit organisation.

Do you operate throughout the UK? 
We are able to offer consultancy projects throughout England, Wales and Scotland, but not Northern Ireland.  Unfortunately due to differences in English and Scottish employment law, HRNet is currently not available in Scotland.  


Do you work with international charities?
We support many charities that have beneficiaries outside the UK, but operate from the UK. 

Who can join HRNet?
Representatives from any registered charity can join, but please note that HRNet supports organisations, not individuals. 

Is advice from HRNet equivalent to legal advice?
All answers to HRNet questions are moderated by the HRNet Manager and can be relied upon.  However a HRNet answer does not substitute for legal advice from a qualified solicitor.

My question is very sensitive.  Does it have to appear on the HRNet website?
Questions of a sensitive nature may be answered off-forum.  If you would like your question dealt with in this way, please indicate this clearly in the question.