Our clients

Over 1,700 charities a year benefit from our support.

We provide one to one consultancy projects to around 400 organisations a year, and advise over 1,200 HRNet members on HR issues.

Our clients are typically small to medium-sized organisations - registered charities, social enterprises or community interest companies. They may be seeking support in a range of different areas, and strategy is consistently the one most in demand.

Almost two-thirds of our consultancy clients have fewer than 10 employees. Typically we work for organisations with between five and 25 members of staff.

Most of our clients operate locally, and have income between £100,000 and £500,000:

Wates Foundation logoWates Family Charities supports its beneficiaries beyond making charitable awards, providing a grants plus service to improve our beneficiaries’ infrastructure, to make them better organisations.  We are particularly concerned with governance and compliance, financial management, training and quality, and capacity.

Often we can offer help ourselves, but we also need the help of specialist providers like The Cranfield Trust. We have partnered with the Trust for over seven years and believe its service has been invaluable in helping us to deliver our objective to improve and build the management capacity of frontline organisations.

Brian Wheelwright, Director, The Wates Foundation