How It Works

Our consultancy process is pretty straightforward and is available to any formally constituted non-profit organisation whose primary purpose is to address issues of poverty, disability or social exclusion.

We are here to help charities.  

To benefit from our support, your charity needs to meet the following criteria:

    Your primary purpose must be addressing the needs of poverty, disability or social exclusion. 

    You must be a formally constituted non-profit with a board of trustees, such as a registered charity or Community Interest Company (CIC).

    You need to have sufficient time available to work with our volunteers,who provide mentoring support, rather than taking the work away from you. 

    You must be based in the UK, even if supporting work overseas.

    Any project undertaken must be agreed by your charity's trustees and CEO. 

    We aim to help everyone we believe can benefit from a project with one of our volunteers.  There are no panel selections or additional hurdles put in place.  

    This is a typical sequence a charity might go through, from a first phone call to completing a project.

      Charity Client Cranfield Trust
    CONTACT Read our Guide to getting started and then contact us We will talk you through the process, answer any questions and email you a Project Application and Project Application Guidelines. 
    PROJECT APPLICATION Send us your project application and a link to your accounts on the Charity Commission website.  We will also ask you to complete our diagnostic 'health check' questionnaire. Once we have reviewed your application and checked you meet our criteria, one of our Project Managers will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting. 
    MEETING The Project Manager will learn more about your organisation and the issues you wish to address. They will discuss your application and convert it into a final project brief. Your Chair will need to confirm the project brief and our terms and conditions. The Project Manager will be your continuing contact with us.
    APPOINT CONSULTANT   The Project Manager will search for a local volunteer consultant with the right skills to work with you, and will introduce you to each other.
    PROJECT UNDER WAY The volunteer consultant starts work. The Project Manager will stay in touch to ensure that your work together progresses well and is successful.
    COMPLETION AND FEEDBACK When your project is complete, we will ask you for feedback. This helps us to understand the impact of our work, which is really important to us. We will also follow up with you 9-12 months after completing your project, to understand how your work has progressed. 

    You can request as many projects as you wish - to run either at the same time or in sequence. But bear in mind that a consultancy project often requires considerable time from people in your organisation.

    Our consultancy service is free, but we ask that you cover our volunteers’ expenses.  These should be moderate, but it’s a good idea to agree them at the outset.

    If you aren't sure whether your organisation is ready for a project but want to explore this free service further, give us a call and let's work it out together.  


    Children at the Kingsgate Community Centre"The Trust provides high level tailored 1:1 support which means that organisations can maximise the skills on offer to much greater benefit and impact. The support you provide is priceless, not just for the professional help, but also the mentoring support and it can also open up organisations to exploring new or different opportunities."

    Donna Liburd, Kingsgate Community Association