Charity viewpoints

Hear what our clients say about working with us.

Feedback on Consultancy Project Support:


Sue Adams, CEO: Care & Repair England

Care and Repair England logo

“This project, and the input of the volunteer provided through The Cranfield Trust, totally transformed the production of our Business Plan. It resulted in a greatly improved process and a much better final plan. It was an invaluable help to the CEO, bringing an external perspective from someone entirely outside the sector to reflect on the work of the organisation. We will now implement the plan, and anticipate that this will significantly increase our organisation's chances of developing and thriving in a tough operating environment."

Marie Anderson, Centre Manager: The Broomhouse Centre

Broomhouse Centre logo“It was a great day for The Broomhouse Centre when we were introduced to The Cranfield Trust! The volunteers are self-motivated and come with experience, skills and tons of energy.  As well as holding down full-time responsible positions they give their valuable time to make a difference to charities working with vulnerable groups of people in the community.  Truly remarkable individuals.”

Matt Hatton, Operations Director: Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness

KCAH logo"My brand new charity business plan enabled us to win a three-year Community Investment Grant and gain the AQS Quality Mark for our Advice Service, which should help us attract new funding. This has all come out of the relationship with The Cranfield Trust. I am extremely grateful to my mentor.  He was extremely patient and his advice was fantastic.”

Feedback on Advice from HRNet:


Gemma Juma, Director: Dulwich Helpline & Southwark Churches Care

"This is incredibly helpful, thank you so much for the research, which really does help us understand how we compare to wider practice. I look forward to reading what others say, as well."

Rachel French, Operations Manager: AVUK

AVUK logo"Thank you so much for getting back to me and for such a clear and concise explanation; for the first time in weeks I feel like we definitely know what is expected of us and there are no grey areas or phrases that could be  misinterpreted - such a huge relief.”

Ian Tomlinson, Programme Director: Fix It UK Ltd

Fix It UK logo"The HR support provided by The Cranfield Trust was excellent. They took the time to listen to our needs and offered a personalised response. The saying that "you get what you pay for" does not apply here. Top quality professional support and advice FREE."