Increased efficiency for children's service

Project Type: Staff Optimisation
Region: South West & Wales
Following a request for support with their organisational development, Cranfield Trust volunteer Lycia Harper helped staff at ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Child Continence) to become focused and cohesive.

Over 750,000 children and young people across the UK suffer with continence problems.  For many of these children and their families, ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence) is the only place where they can go for support, understanding and to access the information they need. The team at ERIC also work hard to improve services for children with continence needs in health and education settings, and to drive up standards of training through acclaimed seminars for professionals.

ERIC logoERIC approached The Cranfield Trust for help with their organisational development. Trust volunteer consultant Lycia Harper supported the charity for a year, facilitating a series of workshops incorporating stakeholder research, visioning, business modelling and impact measurement.


Lycia says that she was keen for the project to have real, lasting impact: “The ERIC team had deep knowledge about their cause and beneficiaries but tended to work in silos and seemed to lack confidence about the impact they were having. I helped them gain the insights they needed to shift how they worked. They’re now happier and more cohesive, working and planning in a more integrated way. They are clear about where they should focus their resource and tell a much more compelling story about the impact they make.”

All at ERIC were delighted not only with the results, but also by the care taken to find the right volunteer to achieve this positive and effective review of the organisation, as Jenny Perez, ERIC's Director explains:

 "I have nothing but good things to say about the process and feel very lucky we were matched with Lycia - she challenged us, opened up our way of thinking and has been very insightful. We were taken on a journey which enabled us to work in a closer, more effective way and to challenge and listen to each other in a way we all feel happy with.

“An inefficient team potentially wastes money and time wondering what to do and how to do it. We now have clear direction, an understanding of how much impact we make and how we can demonstrate that to potential funders. It’s more subtle yet of far more value than just making a difference to our service users in the short term - this is long term differences, sustainability, it enables ERIC to strive to be the best it possibly can be and to deliver in the most effective way to our service users.”

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