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Financial uncertainty or risk of insolvency?

20 September 2016

Lack of foresight, broken promises, unavoidable circumstances, insufficient financial forecasting, unexpected expenses... whatever the reasons, insolvency leading to charity closure is painful and hard to accept.

For most charities, the biggest concern is always for its service users, followed by the staff but do the Trustees know their responsibilities and liabilities?

Caroline Clark, an experienced Insolvency practitioner and long-standing Trust volunteer provides her...

Don't settle for Mr Alright

20 September 2016

Back in 2014, our CEO wrote a fun but thought-provoking blog about trustees. Given the scrutiny charity trustees have been under recently, we thought that Amanda's blog was more relevant than ever.

So here it is again, two years down the road but just as pertinent today as it was back then.

How many women looking for Mr Right have just settled for Mr Alright? It’s an easy temptation, but one you can live to regret.