Cranfield Trust Masterclass - The Art of Getting Results Through People

Posted: 9th June 2016

The Cranfield Trust are delighted to be able to offer charities another free masterclass, hosted by DLA Piper at their offices in Leeds City Centre and supported by The Garfield Weston Foundation. We are delighted to announce that Dr. Andy Bass from Bass Clusker Consultancy is presenting the class:

Here’s a practical definition of leadership: it’s “the art of getting results through other people.”

Easy to say, but not always so easy to do, and Andy has noticed that third sector leaders face a particular challenge. On the positive side, you tend to have people who are highly committed. Motivation is not the main issue. Indeed people are volunteering or accepting relatively low pay because they believe, believe in the cause.

But while people are committed and hard-working, it’s not unusual for them to disagree strongly on priorities. They may even feel justified in ignoring ‘agreed’ priorities to work on whatever they personally think is important.

It can be frustrating, and wasteful. As grateful as you are for their commitment, you know that to thrive and increase your impact as an organisation, you need people to focus effort and pull in the same direction.

What Andy will do is to present a simple framework for creating alignment in your organisation. He’ll talk about low-cost and no-cost ways to create greater buy-in, not only to the cause, but to the way in which you pursue the cause, and will leave you with coaching and influencing skills you can put into practice straightaway. The session will be interactive, with exercises, discussion with your peers, and plenty of time for Q&A.

Please arrive at 1pm for registration and refreshments.  The class will start promptly at 2:00pm.  Alice and Sue from The Cranfield Trust look forward to welcoming you.



  • DLA Piper - Princes Exchange 2 Princes Square, Leeds, LS1 4BY

All charities are welcome - whether based in Yorkshire and Humberside or elsewhere.

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