How Facebook Helps Meet Your Strategic Objectives

Posted: 15th April 2016

8 BILLION video views per day on Facebook, this has doubled in the last year and the trend is set to rise further. Challenged by ALS, we posted 17 M videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge, viewed them 70 billion times and donated $220m.  WOW – that’s powerful.  Ever hungry for more footage Facebook is responding to our desires; developing better video technology and streaming options. 

We are on a journey from text to photos, then videos and now VR/AR (that’s virtual reality and artificial intelligence for us less informed).  It’s all about immersing us into the moment and immersed we found ourselves one sunny afternoon in the fun, Facebook London HQ.   Facebook wanted to do more to help charities join the social media revolution. 

ALS image of bucket, ice bucket challengeThey want to help us share in the rewards.  With this in mind, The Cranfield Trust was delighted to be able to invite our charity clients to a masterclass at these vibrant offices to explore the opportunities and challenges of using social media.  The masterclass examined how Facebook and Instagram can best be used to meet charity objectives and provided helpful tricks of the trade to generate maximum impact. 

45 charities and not-for-profit organisations enjoyed the hospitality and professional presentations.  Some were experienced social media users, others complete novices eager, but perhaps still hesitant to take their first tentative steps “At the age of 62 I was almost persuaded to open an Instagram account!

The afternoon kicked off with Michelle Capp, Client Solutions Manager explaining the reasons for having a Facebook account:

  1. Raise Awareness : you are trying to create “thumb stopping content” i.e. the content that means a reader stops on your post. See the St John Ambulance Campaign which had over 7.7m views, 50% of all the video views were from Facebook and this campaign has so far saved 38 lives.
  2. Get People to Show Up: use the events page
  3. Activate your supporters: think about the call to action, just ask them to do one thing, be clear and consistent 
  4. Raise funds: through your page: install the “donate now” button on your page (and link through to your donate page on your website or donation platform.

Getting started seemed easy:

  1. Get Started: set up a page, update the information, activate messaging! Clarify your communication goals:
    • Your story – what is your unique voice? How can you breathe life into your story and make it compelling to your readers?
    • Your audience
    • Your resources – who will help contribute to updating your page and how frequently? You can plan and schedule posts ahead of time.

Fire up those conversations – start posting.

  1. Custom audiences: upload your own data into the system and Facebook custom audience will help you to reach out to them through the platform.  It also helps you to build lookalike audiences based on your client profile which enables you to reach the right people with the right message. Reach the people that matter to YOU.Cranfield Trust Masterclass Instagram Facebook
  2. Use Facebook Ads:  to efficiently reach just the right people, age gender , location, interest, narrow or broad audience. Even by integrating your contact lists in a safe and secure way. 

Maureen McDonagh from Facebook kindly boosted excitement with a surprise raffle - £5000 of Facebook ads up for grabs. The British Red Cross, Berkshire Community Foundation and The Forgiveness Project shared the prize.  Hopefully it’ll be impactful and if used why shouldn’t it? 25% of time spent on mobile apps is on Facebook or Instagram AND 47% of Users’ Feed is from users that they don’t know! Also can you believe that by 2019, it’s expected 80% of global internet traffic will be through video?  There are more than 4 bn video views EVERY DAY on Facebook, 75% of these are viewed on mobile and in the UK growth in video posts has grown by 88%.  Enough stats, get those cameras out and start filming!

We discussed different ways of using images; they’re like a front door, a shop window, the more interesting and inviting the greater the chance someone will click and enter.  Where they go is up to you … into a film, your website or even your donate now page.  Take your photo from an unusual angle, use metaphors, themes, drama, shock  or information, whatever to immerse your viewers.

Cranfield Trust masterclass InstagramInstagram is wonderful for this.  James Bennet (Instagram Brand Development Lead) was keen to invite us into this world of powerful pictures. Images have been telling stories for years, crossing language 

barriers and writing blocks, they tell the truth and they last.  They make you care, us care,

 them care.  How? 

  1. Think of your community
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Creativity inspires


Branding – make sure you have your brand. This helps drive and recall.

Concept – helps drive brand lift

Well crafted – helps drive engagement

It’s not a completely easy ride to get the most and be the best using social media channels as James told us “the gap between content creation and ability to consume content will continue to widen” – EVERYTHING competes with EVERYTHING!

“Small and medium sized charities in particular have difficulty in accessing good professional training in a range of areas. The support of the Cranfield Trust in giving access to leaders in certain fields, such as communications and marketing, is invaluable.”  Peter Wood 999 Club attended our Facebook Masterclass

"We have already added a Donate button to our Facebook page.  We’ve made contact with a particular organisation I cranfield Trust masterclass facebookmet at the event, who I would hope to have contact with again."

"We have begun planning a campaign for Ramadan in June, with a creative approach in mind and a bit of budget for paid ads"

"I'm going to upload videos directly to our Facebook page!"

“We’re going to start using our CRM database to create custom audiences for advertising and exploring the advantages of creating an organisational Instagram account”

“This was a wonderful opportunity to hear straight from the source about social media.  It was informative but also reassuring that we are on the right track regarding social media.  Thank you The Cranfield Trust and Facebook for this masterclass.”  Iona from West Essex Alcohol and Drugs Service (ADAS)

The Cranfield Trust, on behalf of all 45 charities that attended the class would like to thank Maureen, James and Michelle for their hospitality.  Thank you!